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Today's News: Expect the Unexpected!

Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.

Entwined in all the bad news there is good news

This is not a time for giving up . . .

Pray diligently for our persecuted brethren

And watch the Lord at work!

The Anti-Christ is on the rise and there are more Christian leaders and believers imprisoned or persecuted all over the world than ever before in history.

Our brothers and sisters in their tribulation are comforted by this one hope . . .

You believers in free countries are praying for us!

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On the news sites listed below you will find interesting articles and challenging views.

These are a few of many trustworthy alternate, conservative, and Christian News Sources

Not necessarily endorsed by Behold His

LifeSite News

The Stu Peters Show
(A hard hitting narrative for truth)

Subscribe to "Who is Robert Malone"
Inventor of the MRNA platform

(Medicine, science, bioethics, analytics, politics and life)
Check this out on the You Tube Channel also.

(Canada) Justice Center
for Constitutional Freedoms

American Centre for Law & Justice

One America News

John Birch Society - Preserving Freedom

Gravitas Plus News

There are many more Conservative, Alternate and Christian news sources that have great journalistic capability with a high degree of honest reporting. Get online, do the search it will surprise you what the mainline news services are not telling us.

Please note: The powers that are building the new world order are planning to shut down the internet so we cannot find honest news.

Fake News or . . . Actual News
It's your choice.
Take time to search, the truth is out there!

In the last couple of years I doubt I could count the number of times someone has said to me, "Oh, I never watch the mainline news anymore, you can't believe a thing they say!"

As the spirit of the anti-Christ becomes stronger in these last days you will see the resurgence of a Socialist / Communist world wide government. (NWO)

The very first thing that these evil governments do is take control of the media. This has happened already in almost every country in the world.

You might want to check out who owns or supports those news stations. It will open your eyes.

Since we can no longer trust the mainline media we discover that there are a number of trustworthy alternate news sources popping up that will give you the straight story. Thank God for these media and pray for their protection.

At Behold His
We encourage you to be diligent, stay informed and learn all sides of the story before you commit to believing anything.