Our response to the coming of Jesus Christ
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The world is in chaos!


How should you and I respond?

How should the Church respond?

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"In the last days lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold."
Matthew 24:12

Never lose sight of the fact that Satan is a liar and the father of lies.
Be very careful what you believe.

Be encouraged
"He who sits in the heavens laughs: the Lord holds them in derision" Psalm 2:4 (click)

The year is 2021
WHAT on Earth . . . is going on? (click)

Are we caught up in

Our Western Privilege

Do you think you are Ready?
Perform a "Preflight Check" and find out

What threatens the Church today?
Why do we need to be concerned?

Our world is being torn apart by intense opposition to our traditional Biblical and moral values.

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Anti-Christian Teachings
The rise of Satanism
Mass deception
Increase of immorality
The falling away of the church
An overwhelming resurgence of Socialism
Planned takeover of Islam
The Climate Change agenda
Depopulation agenda
China's plan to rule the world
War and rumours of wars

The question is
What do we as the collective body of the Church do?

What should church leadership be doing?

As a writer and researcher I have access to copious amounts of information and I find that around the world church leaders are responding to signs of the Season of Christ's return in various degrees of furor.

Some, however choose not to respond at all. These may be overshadowed by a spirit of fear or are simply apathetic, I don't presume to judge.

If you are a church leader, and it won't matter whether you are Jewish, Catholic or Protestant, (Even Islamic leaders are becoming aware) the subject of the return of the Messiah should be exciting and foremost on your mind and study in light of the signs of the season we are in.

I am humbled and warmed by the video message below by the Senior Pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in CA.

This is a short but good listen for everyone, leaders and congregants as well.